Location & Directions

Etang de villaine can be easily reached by road from all major ferry ports. If you choose to fly into Limoges, you can easily hire a car ( about £100) for the week an drive to us ( approx. 1.5hrs)


By Road

If wishing to travel by road , please us the 'drive-alive' link below to plan your journey. The 'Going to' city for the planner is Vesdun.

Drive time From Cherbourg:

5 hrs
Drive time From Calais: 5 hrs
Drive time Le Harve: 4 hrs


The easiest way to travel, is fly into Limoges airport.


Flybe and Ryanair  offer extensive routes and cheap flights from most UK airports. Prices are as little as 1p plus airport taxes.

We suggest you use the following links to plan your journey: 

Drive Alive

RAC Route Planner



Ryanair - www.ryanair.com - Limoges
Flybe - www.flybe.com - Limoges
      General search engine for flights  -  www.fly.com

      Discount Car Hire





www.directferries.co.uk-Dover – Calais,  Portsmouth – Caen/Cherbourg/Le Harve