Welcome to Etang De Villaine

Carp Fishing in France at Etang de Villaine a 6-acre stream-fed lake. The carp lake dates back to Napoleonic times and is set in 37 acres of beautiful French countryside.

Carp in France at the stunning Etang de Villaine is managed and run by a british Carp Angler with 15 years worth of experience and is suitable to both a beginner and the most discerning of carp anglers. Stu and Jan are here to offer unrivalled service to those who just want to get away from it all.

Feel the difference in a tranquil non-commercial environment, letting yourself relax in a setting that is perfect for Carp Fishing.

Come and try Etang De Villaine now, with the finest quality carp available.

Book a Carp Fishing Holiday in France now and make your choice Etang de Villaine.

France Carp Fishing - Etang de villaine