Fishery Rules

  1. No sacking of fish.
  2. Only landing nets / unhooking cots / weigh slings supplied by us are to be used. All Supplied FOC. 
  3. All unhooking mats and slings need to be wet before use.
  4. No braided main lines, except for markers .
  5. 15lb main line minimum .
  6. Barbed and micro-barbed hooks only - No barbless.
  7. Only coated braid to be used for hook links i.e Snakebite etc.
  8. Max 3 rods per angler.
  9. No Particle baits or shelf life boilies. ONLY fresh/frozen BOILIES and PELLET PERMITTED.
  10. Only the MCF dumper lead clip system or Korda heli-safe sytem are permitted for rigs.
  11. No nuts of any kind permitted.
  12. No Fires. 
  13. Swims to be kept litter free
  14. Klinik or equivalent carp care treatment to be used on all caught fish
  15. Minimum age for angling - 16.

   For photography of fish captures, always kneel to hold the fish which should done only over the carp cot - never stand up holding the fish. If the fish flaps whilst holding it, simply bring the fish into your body then place back on the cot, wet the fish up from the bucket provided, and start again.  All fish should be returned to the lake using the sling provided. Our fish are now of considerable size and we want them to increase even more, so following these steps will avoid any fatalities on the bank. 

The rules are standard rules and are for the the wellbeing of the fish and to ensure first class fishing for everyone.