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What a week, my first trip to this fantastic venue ended with 15 fish, one twenty, nine thirties, four forties and a fifty and i didn't even fish at night. Stu and Jan, all the hard work is certainly starting to pay off, you must be very proud of your project.You have not seen the last of me thats for sure!!.
Colin Smith ,Essex May 2014

Had a fantastic weeks fishing at Etang De Villaine with our Stevie and Darren we were made to feel so welcome by Stu who showed us all around the lake and thanks to his tips we all managed to smash our pbs .we all had fish over 30lb with my personal tally being 7 fish over 30lb plus 4 fish over 40lb topped by a stunning 53lb . We have already booked again for next year if you want to fish in a nice relaxing and peaceful place and catch plenty of big fish then this is the place to be.
Ralph Hedley ,Leeds May 2014

Second time for my Dad and I and wow what a trip enjoyed it even more than the first time. I am officially in love with this place. Had 16 fish with the biggest being 53lb 6oz Mirror plus 4 x 40's and a stunning 44lb 10oz Common to boot , also caught my first Sturgeons and Grass Carp. My Dad had 7 fish and both of us smashed our PB'S. The food and help from Stu and Simon the baliff was faultless as usual. I can't speak highly enough of this place and can't wait to get back although unfortuantely for me looking like 2015 at earliest - doh.
Gareth Evans ,London April 2014

Would like to thank Jan and Stu and Simon for all your help on the fishing, and of course the 53 fish myself and Andy caught including 8 40's great trip and thank u...
Tom Mckenna ,Colchester April 2014

My first time in france and first time specimen carp fishing and i had the best week. I was given great advice on where to catch from both stu and jan. I had 13 fish in total all mirrors and got a new PB 3 times. I had 31.2, 38.3, 35.4, 33.4, 32.8, 36.10, 36, 33.7, 38.8, 35.1, 36.2, 26.11 and 27.8. There isnt a single thing i can fault about the whole week, stu and jan the fish and the food was all brilliant and i booked my next trip before i left. I cant recommend the place enough and cant wait to get back there in october...
Mark Egan ,Manchester April 2014

Had the most amazing week the sun was out the fish were feeding it was just perfect around 40 fish came out amongst the 4 of us on the lake. Average weight per carp was 37 lb. Biggest being my dad's 60+ (63 I think) cat , which was on my rod whilst I popped for a shower. Tip ... just stick it out and don't wash you will get caught out. Stu Is a very helpful guy and genuinely a top top bloke and Jan his misses is sound and a very good cook, lovely people even spaghetti head the main man Taz is a lovely lad loves his fishing and your lovely daughter very polite clever and out going not your typical English kids ha. Can't wait to see you guys next year just trying to sort it out with dad and Justin, hope Simon has got some fishing in and has had some of those beautiful carp out ( there's enough of them) if anyone's reading this and is deciding where to go fishing in france well this is the one !!!!! Take it from me it's unreal if you have queries I sure stu will answer every single question you have as he did for me. Top family- top balif -top carp- top lake..
Dan Lofts ,Reading April 2014

This was my first trip carp fishing in France, at Etang de Villaine, and what a week it was. On arriving at Etang de Villaine, I had a fantastic welcome from Stu and Jan, followed by a tour of the lake by Stu. Stu explained the lake in great detail. I started to get setup and chose the middle swim on the far bank. In my first half hour of fishing, I had a take and landed my new pb at 41.5lbs. I called Stu for pictures and when taking the pictures, my left rod went off with a 41.8lbs! Stu could not believe it but told me a brace of 40's wasn't uncommon here. On the first night I also had my first ever catfish weighing in at 48.5lbs. My biggest carp caught on this trip was 47.8lbs. I had 21 fish in all - 4x40lbs, 9x30lbs, 4x20lbs, 1 double, 2 surgeon and 1 catfish. 630.7lbs of fish in total! I had a fantastic week fishing, the food and the advice were first class and all within the beautiful, peaceful and relaxing surroundings of Etang de Villaine. You couldn’t ask for more. Again thank you both for a fishing holiday I will never forget. I will definitely come back again.
Vincent Coutable ,Hampshire Oct 2013

Our second visit to etang de Villaine. We were greeted by a massive storm and pressure problems in the SW area which slowed the fish feeding in all the lakes in the area. However the fishing got better and better as the week went by and the fish started feeding again. By the end 3 of us had smashed our pbs AGAIN with me having a fish of a lifetime, a 50lb 9oz mirror. We are booking again for 2014. Once again a massive thank you to stu and jan for being perfect hosts. See you next year.
Steve Pugh ,Leeds Sep 2013

First trip to France fishing for my son and me and very successful it was too. Stu, Jan and family where away when we arrived so Mark who was fishing for three weeks showed us around. Despite the drive from Calais we set-up quickly and got straight into the fish with my first 42lb mirror that evening. Over the week in August we managed 27 fish on four rods (I did take a couple of nights off towards the end of the week; hauling in those big fish can get tiring) Tom had his 42lb12oz at 14;30 in the afternoon despite the hot weather; so keep fishing all day is my advice. We where made to feel very welcome and this area of France is beautiful and very peaceful. The toll roads from Calais are good but pricy. Our whole experience was as close to perfect as you could get; we look forward to next years trip. Thanks guys. PS hope to see Mark & Karen next year too.
Nev Stebbing ,Cambs Aug 2013

On arriving at Etang de Villaine, and after the introductions etc., we were shown around the lake by Stu, I always look forward to this part of the fishing session as I believe it to be an informative time which should be given a great deal of consideration and thought. My main chosen area to fish was marked by the dead tree on the far bank, which Stu had pointed out as a “good spot.” I used the rowing boat to check out the topography and specifically the condition of the bottom which I mapped out quite thoroughly. I baited liberally with boilie and pellet using both boat and throwing stick throughout my stay, keeping the goodies ‘trickling’ in. My tactics were to fish 1 rod on the baited area and 1 rod just to the edge (little or no bait around this one) the rod on the edge was my busiest rod (by far). We enjoyed our stay very much, caught some nice fish upto 45lb 12oz and had a good relaxing time – we both said we would like to return. Thanks once again Stu, Jan & Iestyn p.s. A special thanks to Iestyn, he told me of a ‘special place’ to fish, from which I caught my last fish on the Friday evening at 7:30 p.m., a 37lb 06oz mirror
Geoff Benfell ,Sheffield Aug 2013

Wow! What an amazing weeks fishing! Between us we had 35 fish out in a week both smashing our PB's with the top fish being a 40LB Common by Ash. A perfect weeks fishing went from Jan's breakfast baps which were unbeatable to Stu being on hand to offer some top tips! A big thanks to you both for a fishing holiday we will never forget!
Adam & Ashley Bayliss ,Oxford July 2013

Well this was my second visit to a great venue, ran by a fantastic family. The week fishing was hard going due to the summer heat and all our fish came at night. We still had over 900lb of fish between 3 of us with a great average of over 30lb. The meal package is great value. Defo recommend to friends and family and already booked for next year for a third year.
Dean Dukes ,Derby July 2013

The best fishing trip me and my family have had great fishing and great people had some great fish biggest fish 49lb but lots over 30lb and we also had 4 big commons 3@39 and 1@40.2lb . You are made to feel so welcome and the hole family will bend over backwards to help you Stu will give all the advice you just make you listen will be back ASAP
Paul Yearley ,London June 2013

2nd trip to the venue and by far the best weeks fishing of our lives I had the lake record 52lb , so mark is set so get your rods out lads!!!!!!! My week I had 9x30+ 1x46 1x44 1x40 1x26 and oh the lake record haha the magic 52lb lump come mid week . Cheers Stu n Jan , top people top times. Tight un's lads hope 1 of you smash my lake record by next time I go back.
Stu Adamson , Liverpool June 2013

A big thank you for the week we spent with you in May, what an unbelievable weeks fishing we had! With over 600lbs of absolutely stunning fish caught during the week (average of over 30lb per fish) the icing on the cake was the brace of 40lbers we had on the bank at the same time (48lb and 42lb), something we will never forget, the stuff dreams are made of. We really appreciate all that you did for us during our stay, your hospitality, the food and the advice were first class and all within the beautiful and relaxing surroundings of Etang de Villaine, we couldn’t have asked for more. Anyone looking for a relaxing fishing holiday in France catching BIG carp need look no further. Needless to say, we have booked another week next year and can’t wait to get out to see you all again. Who knows maybe even a brace of 50’s next year!?! A huge thanks once again,
Kevin Crack , Kent May 2013

Just like to say had best time carp fishing at your lovely home. Couldn't ask for more of you. Two 40 plus and multiple 30s and 2 small 29s from your lake! !!!! Couldn't ask for more lovely family and lovely fish thank you ......
Chris Scott , Liverpool April 2013

This was my 2nd trip to this fantastic venue, unfortunately the weather was awful, freezing cold Easterly winds, some nights temperature dropped to -5, not what you would expect for the 1st wk in April. The fishing was obviously hard but by adopting winter tactics I managed to catch 11 carp, 8 0f which were over 30lbs. Top fish was a 39lb 8oz Common followed by a 37lb 4oz Mirror both of which had empty bellies and would normally been 40lb+ at this time of the year. Stu & Jan were great hosts as usual and I am looking forward to another return visit.
Steve Smith  , London April 2013

1st time in France and 1st real big session due to family committments. Well what can i say - welcomed by Stu and Jan upon our arrival and their help and support throughout was superb. The Meal Deal is excellent. You could not meet a nicer family. The lake is great and plenty of features and character. Although the weather was shocking the 3 of us on our trip all managed our PB's. The fish are stunning and with the carp care equipment provided will remain so. Cant praise the guys enough.
Gareth Evans  , Herts March 2013

Thanks for a fantastic week at the lake , Smashed our PB with this 40lb,15oz Common Carp. You are clearly very passionate about your fishing and that shows in the standard of the lake and facilities and all the helpfull advice you gave us during our trip. Many thanks, we will be back next year.
Andy Hyde  , Yateley October 2012

Second trip to France and within hours of casting out i had ,my first fish of 37.8!! The week continued as i had a incredible run of 16 fish with 13 of them being 30lb+! Stu and Jan & family always have the time to talk to you and will do anything to make your stay more comfortable. Food was as faultless as was the fishing! We had a wonderful time! look forward to seeing you guys in a few months!
Nathan & Lauren , Milton Keynes September 2012

On our arrival we were greeted by Stu (fishery owner) who made us feel very welcome. Our swim had been pre-prepared with un-hooking mats weigh slings etc and my bait order was waiting for me which I had pre-booked the week before. A beautiful swim, well kept, user friendly with plenty of features to cast too. Stu was very helpful, pointing out the hot spots and advising us on what methods worked best and then left us to it. The Fishing was steady with most of the bites coming early in the morning. My wife PB’d on her first fish! a mirror shade under 30lb. We banked numerous upper twenty’s with seven 30lb’er’s between us in the week. All the fish fought extremely hard and were in tip top condition which makes it so much more enjoyable. We managed to land 390lb of carp over the week. That figure could have been a lot more…..but we did go sightseeing a couple of times. Such a beautiful area of France with a fairytale Châteaux just down the road. All in all….a great weak! Stu & Jan couldn’t do enough for us. A super couple with smashing kids and a very welcoming Siamese cat (who very nearly came home with us) Our only regret was not taking advantage of the offered food package…It smelt fantastic. Etang Villaine, superb lake with clean facilities. A must for any French Carpers !
John & Rachael Bradwick , Dorset September 2012

What a week had many fish including 5 30s and a massive 80+ cat . Thank you stu and jan what lovely people you are thank you so much see you next year !
Matt Wardale , Kent September 2012

This was my first trip fishing to France and I wasnt to sure what to expect but it was sooo good the fishing was spot on! Everything was great the family wear a really friendly bunch & the food was amazing!! I mean amazing! And all the fish wear really nice, me and my mate had 27 between use but we lost a few but that's fishing'! Half 30lb+ and a nice cat! What more could you want!! I'll be going back next year!
Blake Tyler , Cambs September 2012

Our first visit august 2012 but certainly not our last [already booked for next year]. First of all i would like to thank all the family, and Mike who works there, for their hospitality, you could not wish to meet nicer people. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they took the time to get to know you. We were made to feel very welcome. Now the fishing. Excellent even though it was over 40 degrees most days . 3 out of 4 of us smashed pbs.The fish are mint and you can see Stu takes great pride in keeping them that way.We all cought fish over 30lb and nothing below 20lb. Fantastic trip would not hesitate recommending this place to anyone. Cant wait to get back there next year
Steve Pugh Party , Pontefract August 2012

It was my first time to France and what a place to go, I was only fishing for about 2-3 hours and I landed a 37lb mirror that was in perfect condition. I had two smaller cats out that night and next day then as stu and jan came down with tea my dads rod went off and he passed it to me because he's not a fishermen and if it wasn't for stu taking me out in the boat I wouldn't have landed my massive 65.5lb catfish, I had 11 fish out that week . Food was just like food I would have at home and there was plenty to eat and hospitality was outstanding I liked the fact that they would come down and talk to you and they would go out there way to make sure that you had a great week, looking forward to seeing you next year when i have sorted out the dates
Cam Sharpen , E midlands August 2012

Best weeks fishing I've had in france - 25 carp with alot of them being over 30 upto high 30's and cats to 50lb we had 70 fish between 4 of us. Thanks to stu & jan for everthing food was mint they could not do anymore for us would recommend any 1 to fish this lake big thanks again to stu jan & family robbo : ) see you agian soon.
Ian 'Robbo' Robinson , Liverpool July 2012

Just a quick mail to thankyou for the great time we had at your carp lake, and the the help that both you and Jan gave us, you were both great host and we all hope to see you again soon, when the carp are even bigger. Please thank Jan for the wonderful food that she done, it was delicious. The condition of your fish are first class.
Phil Boatman , Milton Keynes July 2012

Third year back here. Me and my brother Kev had a very peaceful week away from the stress of the uk. I managed to put 9 on the bank the biggest 39lb, Food and hospitality second to none. Difference with this venue is the owners actually spend time chatting to you and care really care about the fish.
Neil Roberts , Bournemouth June 2012

What a fab week we have just spent here. Nearly wet myself when my 1st of 14 fish came out weighing 32lb(post spawning). All fish in tip top condition, great place, great fishing, great hosts, not the best weather but you cant book the weather, many thanks Stu and Jan, see you soon.
Julian Davison , Cheshire June 2012

What can I say But Great Great great, Lovely lake, host were great, even let my fishing buddy and I watch the England game, in their home, what stars they are, we both broke are PB’s it was amazing to watch a catfish chase a rat along the bank then when the rat tried to swim the other way the catfish flicked is tail and the rat was in its mouth. We found the bait boat a must, (unless you’re a super caster). The only down side to our week was the good old weather S**t rained for ¾ of the week the last ¼ was great. I would have no hesitation in recommending this venue to any one and we are already trying to decide just which month to return for a 2nd bite of the cherry.
Steve Quayle , Cheshire June 2012

First time visitor and won't be my last,starting with the hosts,Stu and Jan do a marvellous job in giving excellent advice and serving up some fantastic food,they told me they would cater for our every need and they certainly did that,secondly the fishing. Due to the fish starting spawning on the thursday before we arrived we we warned the fishing might be hard. Although this was the case we all managed to smash our PB's. I came away a very happy man after catching my first carp over 20lb with a 27lb 10oz mirror,and on the last day I caught a stunning 31lb 90z common,the biggest carp caught was 34lb 2oz mirror and the cats weighed in at 47lb and 30 lb .We all came away with some fantastic memories and i am already booked on for next yr.Thanks Again see you all soon..
Paul Woolley , Manchester June 2012

It was good to get away from match fishing for a week, I caught the biggest fish of my life a 43.10lb mirror carp and on my birthday as well all the other 4 lads beat their PB's with fish over 35lb. My son had a 42lb catfish (he nearly beat me)I think we all agree we has a fantastic time the set up is second to none I would like to say a BIG BIG thanks to all the lads for making it a memorable week and showing me how to use a bait boat they have nicked named me Hornby. And also to Stu & Jan for being the perfect hosts hope to see you all soon.
Dean Griffiths & Coypu Posse, Wigan May 2012

What an amazing week we have just had, some cracking fish, biggest mirror 41.9 with 7 big 30's aswell ,we all beat our pb's and had a lot of laughs. Big thanks to stu for all your help and advice and jan for some quality food, not forgetting the kids for entertainment and BB the cat for keeping us company. Will definately be coming back again.
Martin Gooderson , Norwich May 2012

Hello Stu, many thanks to you and Jan for my best fishing holiday ever 12 fish for 350lb+ under I have attached a few photos use them as you wish. Biggest Mirror 41lb 7oz Biggest Common 39lb 13oz. Will talk soon re future group bookings from my local water . Mate Kev amongst his haul had 2 mirrors over 44 lb.
Steve Smith , London May 2012

Just like to say a big thanks to stu, jan and the kids and not forgeting pumpkin (cat) we had a fantastic week both smashing our pb's with a 44lb and a 46lb but more than the fishing you made us feel very welcome and at home,from stu's advice on the places to fish to jan's fantastic food its easy to see why you get so many return visitors.Hope to see you again next year ..
Justin Ward  , Leicester May 2012

Article written on Hinders website by Dave Venn about his haul last week.
Dave Venn , Chippenham April 2012

I would like to say a big thank you to you and your family you made us feel really welcome. You have a nice lake with some amazing fish we all can't wait to come back next year, not just for fishing but for the lovely home cooked food as well thank you Gary Rich Malk and Gary ..
Gary Miles Party , Maidstone April 2012

Well what can i say - been going to France for about 6 years now and always enjoyed it. However this was FANTASTIC !!!! CHEERS JAN & STU from us. Arrived 17th March just hoping to catch and relax, turned into a red letter day for me with 13 fish between 25 and 41, lovely place lovely people see you next year.
Clive Brookes Party , Wigan March 2012

Just a few lines to say how much we enjoyed our stay with you both, The Fishing was superb and the whole experience was made into a fantastic time by your very happy and homely atmosphere, The food was outstanding and wayne and I looked forward everyday to the time spent with you both chatting over the days fishing and evenmore so over life in general , Once again thankyou both for a great time ,we both hope you have a great close season and enjoy your christmas together. Just for the record the fishing is outstanding, the service second to none ,the Facilities are five Star and you are both 1st class hosts and just lovely people, it was a pleasure and an Honour to have met you both.
Dave Reynolds , Germany Oct 2011

Our 3rd year visiting this lake, and the fish have come on good. First year we came the average fish was around the mid twenties, this year it was in the thirties. Nice time as usual topped of by a 43.6lb mirror .
John & Neil , Preston Sept 2011

5 Stars. This is my first time at Etange De Villaine but not my last, Stuart & Jan do a really excellent job of looking after you and the fishing is amazing, Weather was perfect and all of our party had carp in the upper thirties.
Mike Parker , Colchester Sept 2011

Absoluteley brilliant. Great hospitality and great venue. We had very hot weather and landed over 30 carp to 38lb in really difficult conditions. Nothing under mid twenties. Two big cats to over 60lb, This is one of these little gems you want to keep secret, no wonder the rebook rate is so high! Stu and Jan were excellent and location is spot on. Well recomended 100%.
James Taff Harford , Swansea Aug 2011

Great food great fishing and great company in Stuart and Jan. 49 carp plus 2 cats over the week between 4 of us , carp averaging around the 30 lb mark . Weather was very hot all week but this did not stop the great fishing. Looking forward to the next visit booked for next year..
Al Wakeman  , West Midlands Aug 2011

My second time visiting this venue, and again what a trip, 19 fish to 36lb, cats to 62.06lb. Stunning venue, great hosts. If you want to catch hard fighting carp, and get away from the rat race and forget your troubles. This is the place to be fishing at.
Richard Bester , Birmingham, July 2011

Returning at the end of the year. Had a great week, 14 carp ranging from 26.07 upto 38.13 (6 thirties). Peaceful location in a wonderful setting. Hats off to the owners, got it spot on.
Mike Wilson , Cheshire, June 2011

First trip to france, great fishing. Daniel had plenty of carp to just over 30, he seemingly was hooked into a fish every hour during the day, Ryan bagged the biggest carp of the trip at 35.8lb, Tom eventually got to grips with his swim and broke his pb with a 31 plus, will was fairly steady all week and had 2 nice 33's, meanwhile, i was left to do battle with the cats, up to 56.8, great fights!! We all had several carp (12 was the lowest) numerous fish lost all round. Stu and Jan great hosts, good food and value all round. we hope to return at some point!! many thanks - photo's to follow.
Andy Thorpe Party, June 2011

My first time fishing this lake and France. What a place, Stu and Jan are amazing, they made my stay feel more like a 5 luxury holiday, than a fishing one. The fishing was out of this world, ended the week with 23 fish, carp to just over 40lb and catfish to over 62lb. I have two words..... Angling Paradise. Once you visit Etang De Villaine, you won't go anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Bester, Birmingham, May 2011

Thanks very much for our great week fishing! It was our first time in France an we will def be back!! Had good few fish, carp from twenties upto late thirties ,and 4 of the cats in the lake from 35llb to 57lb! We all smashed our uk pb's, Lovely lake and perfect hosts, with great advice n tips. Food was tops too! Thanks stu and Jan.
Danny,Ben,Gary,Bob,Luke,Jay, Kent, May 2011

It was my first time fishing in france and i still can't get over it!! I had carp - 1 over 40lb, loads of big 30lbs (39's, 38's, 37's) and a few big 20lbs, we also had 2 x cats 40lb plus. Stu and Jan couldn't do enough for us all. Thanks for everything, Cant wait to go back.
Nathan Rose, Manchester, April 2011

Gaz: The best week's fishing in my life, I broke my PB 7 times, I had 23 fish all mirror's from mid 20's to 39 lbs except 1 common @ 29 lbs my total weight was 620 lbs & lost 8 fish close to the bank due to hard fighting fish. Cant wait to go back, cheers Stu and Jan
Ste:My 2nd time here and had 205lb of fish in the week, biggest a 39lb'r, and lost 5 fish, 1 at the net!!!!! Schoolboy. Cracking week, excellent fishing, beautiful place, lovely people (Stu & Jan) Thanks again
Luke: 2nd time here and fished the deeper water peg & thought I would go after the cats this time, Well I managed to get a few small ones and then bang, had a 40lb on the bank, lost something big after half hour playing it, and pulled the biggest fish i've ever caught - a 48lb meow - Lovely!! Thanks again Stu & Jan.
Gaz, Ste, Luke, Manchester, April 2011

This was my first visit to Etang de Villaine, but what a lovely place to fish! I was on an all-inclusive basis which included everything I needed for a week at the lake. Any issues I had were dealt with very quickly by Stu and Jan who were very keen that my visit should be a successful one. The lake was very quiet with only two other anglers for part of the week (Dave Orr and Dave Jarvis) .Anyway, to cut a long story short, I finished the week with 14 fish (9 of them 30lb plus) to 37lb and on the Friday before coming home had 5 30’s (37, 36, 34 ,33 & 33 ) in one afternoon. The ‘smallest’ fish I caught came in at 25lb. Stu has stocked the lake with stunning looking and hard fighting French Royal carp which are a pleasure to fish for and to catch. Thank you to Stu and Jan for a great week (and both Dave’s for putting up with me and leaving the bait)..
Jim Pearson, Leicester, April 2011

Back to Etang de Villaine for a short half week session again for the forth time. Once again had a fab time with 2 of us taking the tally to 31 fish in 3.5 days. We had 8 X 30’s between us with the biggest 38lb, and 23 X 20’s with 19 of those being over 26lb. Non-stop action and we worked out that we also dropped 18 fish between us.
Dave Orr & Dave Jarvis, IOW, April 2011

This was the second time of going to the lake .The first time 2 years ago had 23 carp in 1 week & my son had 15 biggest was 29 lb the others were between 22lb -25lb which was a good week . This year, 2 years on I had 8 carp these were 2x 26lb 1x 30lb 31lb 34lb 36lb 37lb and 39lb & lost 4 others my son had 9 carp 3x 29lb 1 x30lb the others around the 26lb mark - this was a excellent week I will be going back again later this year. Thanks Jan for being a great host while Stu was away ).!
Carl Bernhardt, Colchester, March 2011

Had a cracking experince at Etang de Villane week 16th to 23rd of October 2010,Stuart & Jan were very professional & welcoming,i had been fishing just twice in sixteen years and after missing several night runs Stuart was more dertermined than me i think that i should catch a fish,his help was invaluable, he re rigged me, gave me some bait that he knew worked,even went shopping for me to the tackle shop 20 mins drive away,his drive & dedication to his business is a lesson to all & to cap it all he landed a cracking 30lb 8 oz mirror for me,Jan also provided my wife & i with some cracking food & on request even provided my fav meal of double egg & chips, so impressed i'm returning in 2011 with my son,( after plenty of winter practice ).!
John Badger, Birmingham, October 2010

I really enjoyed my weeks fishing at Etang de Villaine this summer; it was the best weeks fishing I've ever had. I caught some superior specimens!! The biggest one weighing 35lb and 8 solid ounces! I caught 13 fish throughout the week including 6 thirties, the average weight being 27lb 11oz. Save the same peg for next year!
James Wilson, Sheffield, September 2010

First trip to france and it was fantastic between the 3 of us 54 fish for the week this included 12 thirties and so many upper twenties and a 55lbs cat .we all beat our pbs .jans cooking is great and they cannot do enough for us .hope the kids bought sweets with the money we gave them ? thanks for a great weeks fishing stu will see u soon
Nick, Jay , Rick, Enfield, September 2010

Just a thank you for a fantastic time. Ian had a cat at 59lb and a 44lb. Also a few big carp between him and Richard. Take care see you again x
Sarah, Ian, richard, alan etc. Kent , August 2010

Wow! What a holiday!Massive thanks to Stu, Jan and family for the great food, hospitality and a fantastic time! My first fish of the trip was a pb 34.5lb Mirror! Had loads of twenties and three other thirties on the same day later in the week! Awesome fishing, spectacular surroundings and friendly, welcoming hosts who cannot do enough for their guests! See you next year for definate !.
Dave , Ali , Chippenham , Aug 2010

Arrived and the weather was hot. Fishing started a bit slow but by middle of the week had picked up really well, with plenty of twenties/thirtys coming out. Last night there mate picked up a 42lb mirror - cracking.
Mark / Graham , Norfolk , July 2010

Well, year 2 under our belt and yet again we have felt like part of Stu & Jan's family for a week.. Both me and my Dad did our PB's again. Cracking Venue, and the hospitality was second to none. Jan does love a big portion ! lol.. and im still dreaming about her warm Cherry pie ? Thank you once again and see you both and the lovely kids next year..
Jase / Doug Chester , Sheldon , June 2010

Our first trip to france , drove down to get to very nice venue. 2 lads already there had good chat, then got to work . . me and adam bagged 18 fish all together . the biggest being 52.5 . Only thing was there was lot of rain . The other lads had 40 odd. Great place . Great food. also we got to watch the games in the house . thank you stu and jan
Gavin wright , Chester, June 2010

First trip in france and we couldn't of asked for more, Stu and Jan were great hosts, i mean they couldn't do anymore for us, Jan's cooking was fantastic, Fishing was great with an avg weight of upper 20's, All of us beat our PB, Thanks again to Stu, Jan and the family for everything, speak soon :)
Danny, Phil, Dean and Cal, Wigan, May 2010

Second trip under our belt here now and better than ever. Plenty of runs and plenty of quality fish. Had a half week and landed 50 fish between the two of us 44 over 20 lbs. Five fish at 29lb, so in only a few weeks will hit the magic 30. Thanks once again for a great few days.
Dave Orr & Dave Jarvis, IOW, April 2010

Well what can i say.....2nd year running i have fished this lake and again the fishing was awesome and the food was also fantastic! My mate Olly caught his pb mirror of a mid thirty, 2 cats mid 40's as well as 2 commons and a haul of mid to late twenties! I didn't manage to beat my pb which was caught at the lake last year but still had a great time! Met some great lads and had an ace time, would defo recommend to anyone. Thanks again to Stu, Jan and the family for the great hospitality!
Simon & Olly , Gloucester, April 2010

Quality weeks fishing, first people on this year. Biggest carp - couple ounces under 40lb .Great lake and sound people in Jan and Stu, We'll be back !!
Antony Chandler , Manchester. March 2010

We have been going to France fishing for the last five years and up until this year we have not found a venue that we could all say ( yes we would come back here again ), Stu Jan & the kids are the most perfect hosts you could ever wish to meet,fantastic fishing all the week.(The Essex star gazers :-),Neil Adam & Ricky keep an eye out for the Lion, PUT-EM-UP ) helped make a top week even better.Shaun had 34 fish for nearly half a ton of fish & Martin smashed his PB with each fish he caught as for me i will be back for those CATS,cheers Stu Jan & family see you all soon.
Dave,Shaun,Martin, (GREEN ARMY), Eastleigh, October 2009.

I would like to thank Stu and Jan for providing a great fishing experience that exceeded our expectations. We had a great time fishing and excellent hospitality including delicious food.
Matthew, John and Terry, Croydon, October 2009.

Big thanks to Stu and Jan for making my first France trip all i hoped it would be. The fishing was superb with action all week. The food and facilities were great and the hosts really deliver everything with a personal touch. See you next season!!!
Mike Donnarumma, Southampton, 26 September 2009.

Thank you so much for a quality week all was perfect with the fishing food and the feel of the lake was superb. Stu and janet are fantastic hosts and make you feel so welcome and will do anything for you its got a real family feel so thank you again and will see you soon.
Andy & Paul, Kent, 5 September 2009.

Our 2nd Trip and it really was fantastic, in just 3 days 3 of us had 38 Fish up to 33lb with lots of mid twentys all in fabulous condition, in total we had around 900lb of fish not bad for 3 novices!! Stu and Jan are exceptional hosts and made us feel part of the family, what other lake would provide you with your own tarp, outdoor furniture and breakfast delivered to your swim! If you want beautiful surroundings, peace and quite, kingfishers, ospreys, buzzards, owls, wild mint, giant oak trees and herons and all other manner of wildlife this is the place. Sometimes in these surroundings the fishing becomes less important, but it never disapointed us once, We have already booked our 3rd trip for next year....I for one cannot wait.
Lee Lewis, Maidstone, September 2009.

Just to say what a fantastic weeks fishing 40 carp in total a average of 800lb of fish there is not many places you can do that. I just would like to say what fantastic host Jan you and the kids are you could not do enough for Gary and me i think host is the wrong word and would like to think that we have become Friends.Once again thank you for the time of our lifes and hope to see you again soon. .
John & Gary Hale , Tunbridge Wells, 26 August 2009.

Having fished in France on several occasions the hosts Jan & Stu have to be the best yet. Both were very welcoming and very obliging Stu in particular wanting everyone to catch as much fish as possible. Jan's food was excellent and the portions ample. The fishing were in excellent condition (its the most we've caught anywhere). Would recommend the venue to all..
Helen and Andy Sanders, Coventry, 22 August 2009.

Well were do i start from the fantastic fishing to the great food great hospitality to the amazing hosts ,over 1000lb in fish all in perfect condition + a new pb of a 34lb cat .stu and jan went out of their way to make our fishing trip one of the best ever i can not thank them enough . O yes can't forget 6-2 better luck next time stu and marcus .Any body wanting great food great fishing you look no further. Trying to go next year this time with the wife and kids, i will be intouch soon thanks again to stu jan and kids pics to follow cheers all the best from adam n peter .
Adam Mather, Pete Hargreaves, Blackpool, 31 july 2009.

Five of us had a great weeks fishing 81 carp for 1538lbs a few thirties and loads of 20's.(2pb's) Unfortunately didn't get one of the cats so all the more reason to come back next year. Stu put us straight on the fish so kept busy the whole time beatiful lake with beautiful fish thanks to stu and family for making us feel welcome and for looking after us all week.
Teleking Carpers, Somerset, 18 july 2009.

For our first trip 2 france we couldn't of imagined what was waiting for us. On arrival we found a warm welcome and a cold beer which was needed after the journey. From the off the action was hectic ,with plenty of fish in the mid 20s. We both broke pbs with carp to 29lb plus a first catfish of 54.5lb. The lake is beautifully located, topped off with great english food and hospitality. Can't wait for our next trip.
Tim , Paul , Suffolk ,11 july 2009.

WHAT can i say. 8 hours into it i caught the lake cat record weighing in at 56lb.04oz. come on!.from there on it just didnt stop biggest carp weighing in at just under 30lb - pb!, must of caught 25 to 30 fish.(to be honest lost count after the 22nd mark).wicked fishing!. on top of all that stu and jan you were brilliant.the food was really nice aswell as your company. see ya in april 2010. roy
Roy Tarrant, Dunstable, 27 June 2009.

What a place this fishery is .Best i have ever been to - we all broke pb. High to mid 20lb our alarms did not stop going off all week lost count how many fish we all had will 100% be going back even if my wife does divorce me for going. stu,jan and the kids were great the nicest people you could meet jan's food was lovely and stu will really help you catch the big fish. what else can i say best week i have had ever.
Gavin Newman, Luton, 27 June 2009.

The fishing was amazing had my PB just under 30 lb plus 14 fish in the mid 20s.The food fantastic,and you made us really welcome, Ron had a 30lb plus on my rod and pete had is PB 27lb plus 17 the mid 20s the BEST fishing ever,see you next year Dave
Dave, Pete, Ron, Derby, 20 June 2009.

John and I had a fantastic weeks fishing, we bagged over 40 carp from 22lb upto mid thirties, including and a mid forty cat each. The food was excellent and the surroundings perfect. Definately returning next year
Neil Byrne, John Rowland, 13 June 2009.

WOW, what a week! Had a brilliant weeks fishing, landing my PB, 30.5lb of mirror carp and also catching my first catfish weighing in at 32lb....The rest of the carp around mid to late 20's. Stu, Jan and the kids were fantastic, and made me feel really top it off the food was amazing (especially the cherry pie! Will defo be planning a trip back next year :)
Simon Sumners, Gloucester, 6 June 2009.

What can we say about our time at Etang De Villaine? The company was great, food was great, weather was great, but it is difficult to find a word to accurately describe the fishing, I think the most appropriate is 'hectic'. None of us have fished a venue where the runs are so prolific and with the guarantee that almost every fish on the end will be a twenty! All four of us had in the region of 20 fish each with the biggest going to Ian with a mid thirty. All of this despite us unfortunately having to leave two days early due to unforseen commitments! We all really enjoyed our time with you,with some unforgettable moments. We wish you all the best and thanks again for a great time.
Roy and David Orr, Roy and Ian Northeast 16 May 2009.

Really relaxed and enjoyable. Without trying too hard we managed 114 fish which weighed over a ton! Highlights, some lovely thirty pound plus mirrors, and a 27lb common. Rich lost a decent cat dispite Stu going in after it to free it from the snag it had wound the line around. Lowlights, a moderate 'carp' hooked at night which transformed into a snarling foul hooked Mink! Fortunatly not well hooked, it dived down a hole in the bank and the hook came out! Great leisurely lunches in a place recomended by Stu and Jan. thanks guys, a great antidote to the rat race.
Stuart, Ant, Rich, Andy and John , Sussex ,May 2009.

WHAT A WEEK!I Had an absolutely fantastic weeks fishing that will stay with me forever, not just the fishing but the food and the company . Stu,Jan and the kids really made me feel like I was part of the family and nothing was to much trouble for them and the food was the best. (Jan is a great cook and the portions were huge) . As for the fishing well what can I say, I had 36 carp in total and did my pb on the first day and to top it all i had a cat fish of 32 pound that made my trip even better. The whole place is just fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. I enjoyed it that much I am trying to go back this year if not I WILL be there next year - can't wait. Stu,Jan and the kids thank you for one of the best weeks of my life, I will never forget it - see you when I come back.
Myles Travers, Birmingham 6 May 2009.

Let me start by saying that I am by no means an expert carp angler, having only taken up the sport a year ago. This was my first carping trip to France and boy did we choose the right fishery. With Stu's helpful advice and guidance on how and where to fish, I was able to bank 290lb of carp in just 3 days of fishing. This comprised of 14 fish, mostly mid 20's, the biggest being 29lb and doubling my previous PB. I would have had a further 5 fish, but they shook free the hook and were lost but hey, thats why it's called fishing and not catching right? Between 4 of us we caught 740lb of carp over the 3 days fished, the biggest being 34lb caught by Andy, who then caught the exact same fish again 2 and a half hours later! I cannot speak highly enough of Stu and Jan as hosts - nothing was too much trouble for them, even bringing some of our meals down to the lakeside, so we didn't have to wind in our rods and miss out on fishing time. Hows that for service! I'd like to wish Stu, Jan and their family all the very best for the future and I'm sure they will receive the success their fishery business deserves. I can't wait to come back next year and am suffering withrawel symptons already! Cheers for now, Chris.
Chris Newham, 6 May 09.

Had a fantastic 3 1/2 days in the words of John Wilson it really is dream fishing. 4 of us travelled down on the silver package and had a great time top fish caught were 34ld, 29ld and 28ld with all the rest mid 20s. The biggest called 2 tone and she was caught again by Andy 4 hours later total poundage was 740 all of us beating out PB by some way. Do not hesitate to book Stu and Jan are great hosts. Thanks for a fantastic time and we hope to see you next year
Greg Parton , Cheltenham , 2-6 May 09.

What can we say, Fishtastic! simply because we needed a word to combine excellent fishing with a fantastic venue & hosts. The fishing was awesome, between us we caught 48 fish totalling 1012 1/2lb of fish, both of us having caught a PB of 32 1/2lb. Jan & Stu could not have been better hosts, it felt like a home from home, with 2 great kids, 2 dogs and 5 cats, pumpkin must get a mention for keeping us amused by the lake.
Kiran Harin / Angelo Hunt . 2 May 2009.

WOW! Had an absolutely awesome weekends fishing that i will never forget! Me and my mate Gaz had over 460 lb of carp over the weekend with the biggest weighing 33 lb , we both had a 30+ within the first 24 hrs of fishing !. Blows any carp fishing I've done in the UK out of the water and would recommend to anyone! Jan, Stu and the kids are some the nicest people i've met and i really couldn't of asked for a better service! Jan is a legend in the kitchen with my kind of portions(BIG) and we were even tought how to speak French by the kids. Really really wicked weekend. Cheers peeps, see you soon!
Toby Stubbs, Leicester. 28 April 2009

First ones on the lake this year an caught 105 fish between 3 of us including 9 thirties 2200LB in weight, nearly broke the lake record, can't wait to get back this September. Food great, don't think i will ever meet a better family than Jan Stu Tailia and Ysten - I know i have spelt the kids names wrong - it's Jan's fault she's Welsh. Adam also said he had a great time and can't wait to come back. PS Thank Marcus for all his help.

Just a note to let you know we all had a great time at your lake and even though its early days for you in your new home, lake and beautiful surroundings I think potentially you have a cracking CARP LAKE. I cant now even remember how many Carp we actually had? I think around the 70 mark between 4 of us at around the 22 - 25 lb mark the biggest being 28 6 oz which is still unbelievably good fishing considering the very cold nights!!!! But we were all bit gutted not to pick up one of your really big fish!! but thats fishing.. and will defiantly return in a year or so to take the bigger fish challenge. Thanks again and all the very best...
Andy Cooke, Shropshire. 20 Sept 2008

Myself and two friends had 47 carp between us, biggest was 27lb 12oz, stu and jan made us feel very welcome and nothing was too much trouble. Is a lovely lake with lots of wild life, thanks for a great weeks fishing also i would like to thank Ricky and Neil for the 10EUR!!!
Kieth Downton , Dorset. 13 Sep 2008

Quality weeks fishing!! Between me and my mate Neil we had 43 fish, majority of them were big twentys. Stu and Jan were excellent hosts. Couldn't ask for better. It was as if we had known each other for years. Excellent food (large portions) and great hospitality. Would definitely recommend to anyone and we have already booked for next year. Thanks Stu, Jan and family for an excellent week and look forward to seeing you all next year. Cheers!!!! .
Ricky Cichon , Essex . 13 Sept 2008

It is with great reluctance that I am posting our comments on Stu's website because if we cant get in for another weeks fishing next year there's going to be trouble! We had the most wonderful weeks fishing at Etang de Villaine in August. From the moment we arrived we were knocked out by the hospitality, setting and especially the cold beer and wine. This is a great place to holiday and fish. We both wish Stu, Jan and their lovely family inc. menagerie all the very best with their business. We look forward to the return when we WILL catch one of the big ones. Thank you both so much for a fantastic holiday.
Chris Stokes & Anya , Dorset. 16 Aug 2009

We had a fantastic weeks fishing at Stuart and Jan's lake- between the three of us we had 57 fish, the bigger ones eluded us- but they are certainly in there... A lovely lake, don't be afraid of stalking or putting plenty of bait in- oh and be prepared for no sleep at all because most fish come at night! What more can I say- great food, a lovely family and a beautiful house and lake set in the valley- a great holiday!
Julian Ward- Ringwood. 2 august 08

My brothers and I had a fantastic time fishing this venue!! We caught every day at least one carp greater than 20lb. The lake is in a superb venue surrounded by the most scenic countryside you can imagine. Stuart and Jan were great hosts. Stuart’s guidance on tactics was spot on and Jan’s meals along with her friendly chat and help with our general requests was excellent. I would recommend fishing with carpinfrance to anyone who wants to relax, eat well and more importantly, catch big 20lb plus carp on a regular basis. By the way, if you catch the biggest one, the one 50-60lb carp that is stocked, you win a free trip back! I definitely can’t wait to have another trip so it’s worth a crack.
Dave Roberts, Bournemouth. 26 July 2008.

What a great time we had.... From the fishing, to the great food and two absolute superstars in Stu and Jan. The facilities were great and Stu and Jan were accommodating from start to finish. Nothing was ever a problem. Over 300lbs of stunning carp in a week. What more can one ask for..... Sorry to be home :(, and can't wait to go back. A beautiful lake that anyone would be proud of. I know that I will be coming back a lot sooner than expected. Thanks for everything!
Ricky Stone, London. 14 June 2008

Where do i start? What a place. Having just returned from a week long trip to etang de villaine, i am already planning my next trip. The fishing was fantastic, every fish beat my UK personal best. I had just under 500lbs of fish in my time there. The only thing better than the fishing was the family and the hospitality they showed my party. Stu and Jan (and the two kids, three dogs, two cats) were amazing in every way. There was nothing that was too much trouble. The food was good and served in plenty. The conversation was something to look forward to and often a great alternative to the superb fishing. The facilities were second to none and the journey was easier than travelling in to work in the morning. I would like to thank you all for a wonderful holiday i cant wait to see you again, whether it is in France next year or in london so i can return a fraction of the hospitality you showed me.
Paul Andrews, London. 14 June 2008

When I first looked at coming to France I found I was spoilt for choice with venues to choose. But for package deals where everything is waiting for you when you arrive there were only a few.. I have to say I chose the right lake. The fishing was pretty full on, even though the weather was up and down.. Huge stock of twenties and bagged up over 500lb of fish.. Didn't however manage to get one of the big fish.. Stu, Jan, the kids and the dogs were all fantastic.. I would suggest however if you choose the food package, loose weight before you come out.. Jan puts out some serious amounts of food :-) Till next time guy's..
Martin Jenkinson, London. 14 June 2008

If you want to feel like a member of the family and get the chance to catch great fish you will love this holiday with Stu, Jan and the kids. The biggies eluded us but we had loads of carp between 20 and 30 pounds. We will be back soon to try for that enormous common and the big mirrors. We fished early May and the weather alternated between baking hot and tipping it down.
Keith Johnson , Surrey. 10 May 2008

What a FANTASTIC Venue!! Stuart and Jan make you feel really welcome and cater for your every need. Beautiful surroundings and the fish are all immaculate. Really pleased with everything at Etang de Villaine. Me and Dad didn't opt for the food but did have dinner one night with Janet and Stuart and if that was anything to go by, the food will be top quality too. Thanks for a great week guys!!
James Greenwood, Bournemouth. 3 May 2008

We were 1st paying guests on this newly opened venue, This fishing was superb, the biggies avoided us but we had 1400lb ranging from 20-31lb between me and my dad, Food was top quality & second to none, especially the Vaniila Bar Cake, Were treated like part of the family by Stu + Jan, and they even let us watch the champions league football, Cannot fault in anyway, would highly reccommend to anyone!! : )
Craig Alexander, Suffolk. 31 March 2008